Lighthouse Bear Market Alternative

Bear Market

Lighthouse Accounts: Alternative


The Lighthouse Bear Market Account invests 100% in short stock positions, the goal of which is to take advantage of anticipated market or stock declines producing a net exposure to equities of less than or equal to negative 20%. The portfolio manager may invest the proceeds from short positions in low-risk assets in order to hedge against broad market rallies. In the event of a broad market rally, the account will lose money on the short positions, but experience a gain  in long positions. Short positions typically account for 60% to 85% of active exposure, but may be 100% short after excluding regulatory collateral. The account will typically exhibit a beta of less than negative 0.3 to equity indexes such as the S&P 500 or MSCI World.

Benchmark: S&P 500

3-Year Annualized Time-Weighted Return [1]


Benchmark 3-Year Annualized Return (SP 500) [2]


Risk (Scale 1 to 5) [3]

Average - 3

Annual Yield [4]

Average 4.28%

Annual Fee (Scale 0.01 to 2.00%) [5]

Low 0.25%


Core Facts

Asset Class Alternative
Sub-Class Bear Market Alternative
Expense Ratio [6] 0.0%
Minimum investment [7] $0.00US
Account number 078
Account manager Galleon Wealth Management
Region Global
Market Developed

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The risk rating is based on the account’s past performance as compared to mutual funds and/or ETFs within the same category. It represents a starting point from which investors evaluate if the core makes sense for their own risk tolerance, suitability, goals and objectives. It is not a buy or sell recommendation.

CEO Account

S&P 500

Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index

Account Value (US)Our Donation
>$1,000,000$2,500 + 10% of fee


Strategy Income
Style Active
Objectives Income

Social Investing

Green Portfolio No
Impact Investing Yes
Socially Responsible Yes

Tax and Charitable Information

Donor Qualified No
IRA Suitability Yes

1. Assumes even number of shares purchased at time of account inception. Actual returns may vary depending on when shares were purchased.

2. As of date of account inception.

3. Assumes that 1 equals low risk, while 5 equals extremely high risk.

4. Based on even number of shares purchased at time of account inception. Assumes that companies held in the account declared regular dividends as determined by their board of directions. Neither Global Advisers, nor Galleon Wealth Management assumes any responsibility for that amount of dividends paid. Dividend declared by any company are never guaranteed.

5. Based on industry standards and averages, whereas the average account management fee equals 1.5%. Does not include any commissions or other fees charged by custodian